Mostly newswire packages have no-follow links, while small publications are more likely to use do-follow links (subject to the policies of those websites).

However, our clients have seen positive affect or boost in their search rankings irrespective of having no-follow or do-follow links via newswire.

If your are looking for do-follow links as part of your SEO strategy, then contact us for the list of individual websites that allow backlinks, do-follow and have high Domain Authority.

The publications in our press release distribution packages usually keep articles for 3 to 24 months (subject to the policies of those websites).

It usually takes minimum of 2 business days to publish a press release. In case any technical issue arises, we will update you with the precise time required to publish your press release.

Your press release must be in a third person tone. First and second person tone like I, You, Me, Us, We, Him, etc are not allowed in a press release, except for in quotes and statements made by founder, CEO, Owner, Director, Customer, Spokesperson, Partner, Employee, Representative of your company.

Yes. We can help your write your press release with our premium content writing service. Please contact us for more details.

Yes we do. Discounts start with a minimum order of 10 press releases to be issued over the space of 12 months. You can purchase a PR package in advance by paying full amount to avail maximum discount. Please contact us for more details on the level discount we would be able to offer you.

Yes. Sending releases in different languages is very helpful when trying to maximize coverage. We can even help you translate releases in any language and distribute the same with news websites.

Your press release can be of maximum 500 to 550 words. If possible then kindly try to keep them between 300 to 350 words as it reduces reading time.

A refund can be provided if your story has not been distributed. We do not issue refunds once your story has gone out. No refunds will be provided for any press releases containing fraudulent and/or misleading information or content perceived to be defamatory or with the intent to harm.

All Services are available only upon receipt of 100% Advance Payment

You will get a full report with live links of your release.

Most news websites allow maximum two images while some charge extra for videos. It completely depends on the policies of those websites. Please contact us for more details.

No, it’s impossible to edit or delete a press release that has already been sent to news outlets and journalists for pickup. Once a press release is published, nobody is allowed to make any changes with the content.

Hence, we strongly recommend you to send us only the final DRAFT that’s ready for distribution.