4 June 2024

Choosing Press Release Distribution Service in India: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you have to share your articles online, but you’re unsure about how to effectively reach your audience, correct? No need to worry! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on choosing the best press release distribution service in India. Let’s dive right in!


What’s the Objective of Your Press Release?

It’s crucial to identify the objective and goal of your press release distribution campaign. For e.g. are you aiming to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, improve SEO, create buzz around your product or all of the above?

By clearly defining your PR objective, choosing the right press release distribution service becomes easier. In India, you might have to go further as there are numerous spoken and written languages. And each has its own audience, considering this aspect can help you narrow down your options for maximum impact.


Evaluate the Press Release Distribution Network:

Now that you are aware of your PR objective, it’s time to review the distribution network. Look for services that offer reputable media outlets in India along with other media websites. This would help ensure that your press release reaches your target audience effectively.

It is also recommended that you review the number of media sites included in a press release distribution package. Compare all packages and choose the one that best matches your objective and provides value for money spent on your PR campaign.


Asses Various Targeting Options:

While choosing press release distribution services, targeting options are often overlooked. In India, there are many media houses that reach specific demographics, industry, regions and interest. You must explore all targeting options in order to maximize the relevance and impact of your press release.


Consider Multimedia Integration:

Incorporating images or brand logo in your press release adds value and credibility to your business. Most media portals carry images and infographics. But if you want to embed a video in your press release, then choose a distribution service or package that provides such options.

This is noteworthy because not all media portals have a provision for videos and at times limit the number of images that can be integrated in press releases. So, while choosing press release distribution service in India your must discuss the same beforehand.


Integrating Website Links for SEO Boost:

Even if your PR objective is brand awareness, you should consider a press release distribution service that at least gives a link to your website. This way you will not only generate brand awareness but also increase your website’s traffic.

Some media portals give do-follow links on keywords and brand names. Which can be a perfect addition to boost your overall SEO efforts and keyword rankings.


Review Pricing and Reporting Features:

Cost of press release distribution is undoubtedly a factor to consider. Different PR packages offer different reach and includes variety of media portals. You must take time reviewing the differences and value that it offers against your investment.

Some press release distribution packages cost less as it may include media portals with few visitors. While packages that include top media portals in India will cost more as they have high domain authority (DA) and monthly website visitors.

Conclusion: Choosing press release distribution service in India is a critical step ensuring the success of your PR campaign. By defining your PR objective, evaluating distribution network, exploring targeting options and reviewing pricing, you can make an informed decision.

At Share Your Articles, we understand the importance of effective press release distribution in India. We are here to help you achieve your PR goal with our Newswire Packages and Individual Media Lists.

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